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Ingredient Facts

We continue to use the best ingredients for the best flavor profiles in our Kombucha!


Earthwise Tea, local (Herbal) tea blends

Earthwise Oils, Soaps, & Teas, LLC, Kenosha, WI

Licorice Root & Spice Herbal Tea

Hibiscus Mint Herbal Tea

Non-GMO Organic Sugar

February 14, 2017

1 teaspoon = 15 calories

Organic, Non-GMO, Culinary Grade Lavender Flowers

100% Raw Lavender Flowers from France, Distributed from Seattle, WA

Urbal Tea, local (Herbal, Black, &Green) tea blends

Urbal Tea, LLC, Milwaukee, WI

January 15, 2017

If contains Caffeine: 1 tsp or 1 TBL of tea per serving (6-8oz)

Hemp Rescue CBD Oil, Full Spectrum

available at

1 serving, 15 drops approximately = 4.1-4.2mg CBD in fractionated coconut oil

Base Tea, local (Starter Tea/Culture)

Urbal Tea, LLC, Milwaukee, WI

1 gallon purified water + 8-10 tea bags + 1 cup sugar or honey or other sweetener