LoveBootch LoveBootch Kombucha Kombucha Kefir Farmers Market

BREWED & BOTTLED in East Troy, WI! 

We moved to beautiful downtown East Troy, WI.

2075 Division Street

East Troy, WI 53120

Dispensary On Division, LLC dba LoveBootch Kombucha is a retail store Kombucha Tap Room with a backstage licensed commercial kitchen for brewing and processing.

Commercial kitchen space is required for processing for all licensed food processors by The Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade & Consumer Protection.

The owner of Dispensary On Division and LoveBootch Kombucha, Jessica Peterburs, holds the following licensure through the State of Wisconsin: (1) Food Processing, (2) Mobile Food Processing, & (3) Hemp Processing, in addition to residing under a (4) Licensed Retail Processing Establishment.

LoveBootch Kombucha is recognized by The Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade & Consumer Protection (DATCP) "Something Special from Wisconsin" Program!

Reinvesting into the COMMUNITY every hour LoveBootch Kombucha BREWS, BOTTLES, & KEGS!  Stop on by and say hello, come see us on the square downtown!

Thank you for sharing in this community investment by purchasing from Dispensary On Division, LLC, dba LoveBootch Kombucha products!